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Film Score Sound Pack

Film Score Sound Pack

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When we think about legacy and what we want to bring to this wedding filmmaking industry, it is our MUSIC. 

Music means more to me than sometimes I can put into words. Certain songs, concerts, and melodies have literally changed and saved my life. When I play music, that is when I feel like myself. There is something so special when music spiritually heals your soul. Sometimes exact instrumental progressions can inter-patch the darkest parts of our hearts by the composition of chords and melodies. 

Although we are filmmakers, we are musicians at heart and we feel very strong about making something that can help storytellers everywhere start to compose their own music. 

This sound pack is for the filmmaker and storyteller that wants to control their own story and not licensed  music control them. The beginnings of music composing. The storyteller who understands how important music is to the flow of a film. Someone who wants to dive deep into MUSIC

The pack includes Strings, Pads, Drones, Drums, Melodic Hits/Transitions, Riffs, Rhythms, Clicks, Risers, Mini Songs, Etc. Each sample will be in all 12 different keys with over 700 wav files.

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